The Barra engine stand is one of the biggest investments in the world.

    Built in 2001 by a group of Trump’s business partners, the company has been the subject of a wide-ranging antitrust investigation and a $6 billion lawsuit from the city of Chicago.

    The Chicago suit claims the company’s bid to build a massive light rail transit line into the Loop was in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

    That lawsuit has not been settled, but the judge in that case, Robert Stern, has already agreed to allow the company to build the line.

    Trump has been quick to praise the company for its work on the line and its efforts to make the city a model for other cities looking to expand transit.

    “Barra is a big investment, and we’re going to do tremendous things for the city,” Trump told the Chicago Tribune in July.

    The Trump administration has been very critical of the company, particularly on the basis of a story that it helped bankroll the Trump Tower project in New York City, which was later sold to the Trump Organization.

    But the company is not alone in its criticisms.

    While Trump is on the defensive, his team is working to put the brakes on his plans to build more infrastructure projects.

    On the campaign trail, Trump has pledged to spend $1 trillion over 10 years on infrastructure.

    He has also made his desire for a big, new, infrastructure-focused infrastructure package known as the “Make America Great Again” agenda.

    But on Thursday, he told the Wall Street Journal that he wants to do the same with infrastructure, as he is still “not quite there yet.”

    The Barras stand was designed to showcase the city’s rail line and train station in a way that was “a very big deal,” said Jim DeMello, the president of Barra.

    “I think people want to see that,” he said, adding that the company would be able to “sell it to the highest bidder.”

    But Barra is not the only company to see a financial boost from the Trump administration.

    “They’re not the first, they’re not even the biggest, they don’t even make the number,” said DeMillo.

    He added that the Trump team has “always been very supportive” of infrastructure projects, including the Trump Train and the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. “We’re excited about the work that’s going on,” DeMato said.

    “It’s a great time for American manufacturing.”

    A spokesman for Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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