Google has said it is working to “reinvent the search engine” to help it become a smarter, more relevant online destination for people searching for news and information.

    Speaking at a business briefing on Thursday, the search giant’s chairman Eric Schmidt said that in a future where search engines are smarter, they will be able to offer information faster, which could make it easier for people to find what they are looking for.

    “In a world where there is a lot of information, search will become smarter, not just for the search engines, but for everybody,” he said.

    “It will be faster, smarter, and smarter about what information you are looking at, how you are viewing the information, how much information you have, and the content that you have.”

    This could make the search experience better for consumers, Mr Schmidt added.

    He was referring to a key question of the future: How will Google’s search engine adapt to the rise of information overload?

    In an attempt to address the concerns raised by some, Google has begun testing new types of queries, such as “How much does a man make?”, “What is the average price of a house?”, and “How do you feel about your country?”.

    These new queries will now appear as search results, rather than as a separate box in a search bar.

    Google is also testing ways of categorising results, such to help people find what the company thinks might be relevant to them.

    Mr Schmidt said there was still a long way to go before we can truly know what Google will become, but he believes that the search company is going to be able “to make the most of what we have”.

    “We have built the platform to be very intelligent and we have built it to be the best search engine that we can possibly build,” he told reporters.

    “We’re going to do things in this next decade that are going to change the world.”

    Mr Schmidt is not alone in his belief that search engines will become more intelligent.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook said last month that his company was building artificial intelligence (AI) to make search more useful.

    Apple’s Watson assistant and the recently launched Watson personal assistant were both designed to help users understand and interpret information.

    Google, on the other hand, has been working to create a search engine with artificial intelligence capabilities that is able to help improve its users’ search experience.

    Mr Cook’s company has also been working with a team of artificial intelligence experts at Google to help build artificial intelligence-powered search technology, according to Reuters.

    Earlier this month, Google’s CEO said that his team was working to help Google “solve the question of what does it mean to be human?”.

    “We want to find the answers to those questions, because if we don’t, the answer is the world is going the way of the dinosaurs,” Mr Schmidt said.

    This article originally appeared on the Irish Times.


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