The following are the career paths of the following civil engineers: 1.

    The Engineering Manager 2.

    The Associate Engineer 3.

    The Senior Engineer 4.

    The Engineer Director 5.

    The Chief Operating Officer 6.

    The Director of Construction 7.

    The Assistant General Manager 8.

    The Principal Engineer 9.

    The General Manager 10.

    The Deputy Engineer 11.

    The Regional Manager 12.

    The Project Manager 13.

    The Supervisor of Construction 14.

    The Civil Engineer Director 15.

    The Construction Manager 16.

    The Architect of the Building 17.

    The Contractor of the Project 18.

    The Consultant of the Contractor 19.

    The Manager of the Business 25.

    The Administrative Director 27.

    The Secretary of the Department of Health and Welfare 28.

    The Administrator of the National Health Service 29.

    The President of the United States 30.

    The Commissioner of Public Health 31.

    The director of the State Office of the Federal Reserve System 32.

    The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff 33.

    The secretary of state 34.

    The vice president of the Senate 35.

    The chief financial officer 36.

    The deputy secretary of defense 37.

    The acting secretary of the Interior 38.

    The commissioner of health 39.

    The assistant secretary of health 40.

    The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency 41.

    The regional director of health services 42.

    The superintendent of the New York City Transit Authority 43.

    The general counsel of the Securities and Exchange Commission 44.

    The executive director of a local governmental agency 45.

    The principal executive officer of a nonprofit corporation 46.

    The member of the board of directors of a non-profit corporation 47.

    The president of a public university 48.

    The governor of a state 49.

    The mayor of a city 50.

    The treasurer of a school 51.

    The owner of a corporation 52.

    The head of a municipal corporation 53.

    The managing director of an enterprise 54.

    The chair of a financial holding company 55.

    The manager of a commercial airline 56.

    The CEO of a multinational corporation 57.

    The auditor of a large business company 58.

    The senior partner of a bank 59.

    The attorney general 60.

    The financial director of one of the public pension funds 61.

    The public policy advisor to the governor of Georgia 62.

    The national security adviser to the President of France 63.

    The lead financial officer of one or more of the U.S. intelligence agencies 64.

    The inspector general of a federal agency 65.

    The special counsel for the Federal Trade Commission 66.

    The top lawyer for a U. S. state government 67.

    The supervisory board of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission 68.

    The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights 69.

    The dean of a major college or university 70.

    The founder of a new nonprofit organization 71.

    The leader of an international nonprofit organization 72.

    The lawyer of a national political party 73.

    The former president of China 74.

    The co-chair of the national commission of inquiry 75.

    The business chief of a foreign government 76.

    The state secretary of a U-S.

    state or the U- S. territories 77.

    The board of trustees of a college or college in the United Kingdom 78.

    The finance chairman of a publicly traded U.K. company 79.

    The communications director of Lockheed Martin 80.

    The economic adviser to a U S. political party 81.

    The associate administrator for the U S State Department 82.

    The policy director of NASA 83.

    The federal trade commission chief economist 84.

    The international trade adviser to NASA 85.

    The spokesman for the White House 86.

    The political adviser to Secretary of State George W. Bush 87.

    The legislative assistant for U. K. Prime Minister Jean Chrétien 88.

    The adviser to former U. N. Secretary General Kofi Annan 89.

    The official interpreter for President Obama 90.

    The law professor at the University of Texas 91.

    The ambassador to the U N. General Assembly 92.

    The advisor to Secretary Kerry 93.

    The foreign affairs adviser to President Obama 94.

    The trade representative for Japan 95.

    The minister of health for France 96.

    The envoy to China 97.

    The diplomat for Canada 98.

    The diplomatic adviser to U. n.

    President Bill Clinton 99.

    The White House chief of staff 100.

    The representative for the president of Guatemala 101.

    The architect of the American economy 102.

    The developer of the first solar energy project in the U .

    S. 103.

    The engineer of the world’s largest solar power plant 104.

    The contractor for a major project in Saudi Arabia 105.

    The designer of the biggest solar farm in the world 106.

    The construction manager of an artificial island in a remote part of Antarctica 107.

    The coordinator of a regional transit center in China 108.

    The commercial development manager for a company in China 109.

    The program manager for an oil exploration project in Iran 110.

    The investment manager for the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation 111.

    The transportation and logistics manager for Trans Pacific Partnership 112.

    The operations manager for Chevron Corporation 113.

    The consultant for the construction of the new international airport in Beijing 114.

    The project manager for building the new


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