A driverless car startup has a huge driverless software engineer on its payroll.

    According to a LinkedIn post, James M. O’Donnell, vice president of engineering for the company, received a salary of $2,436,000 for the 2017 fiscal year, which ends March 31.

    O”s also a cofounder of a small startup called Neural Data Engineer, which uses neural networks to build custom software that makes it easier for companies to train their own AI systems,” according to the post.

    O’Donnell is also a director at a technology accelerator called Accelerate, where he “started working on neural networks in the summer of 2016,” according the post, adding that he joined Neural Data Engineers in 2016.

    Oddly enough, Neural Data Engineering is not the only startup that has an AI-based driverless vehicle engineer on staff.

    Earlier this year, LinkedIn revealed that another startup called InVision, also called InVenture, also had a driverless engineering employee on its staff.


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