A $4.8 million software engineering graduate degree is on the horizon for a Perth software engineering student who says she is “a bit overwhelmed” with the prospect of earning more than $100,000.

    Key points:The Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering program at Perth’s University of Technology is on track to graduate 25 students in the first quarter of 2019The program will now award the students an average of $100k a yearThe students’ main qualification is a Bachelor of Computer Science degreeThe program has a three-year waiting list to get on the waitlistThe Perth software engineer has been working for Microsoft since 2012.

    She is one of four students working on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service.

    She said she was “really excited” about the prospect.

    “I just want to get more work out of my computer, to be able to get the software out there and have people using it and learning more,” she said.

    “And then I just want the best jobs for me, so I’m happy.”

    The Bachelor in Software Science degree was created in the mid-1990s and is designed to give students an edge in a competitive industry.

    It has a four-year waitlist, but graduates with a Bachelor in Computer Science can expect to earn between $100 000 and $150 000 a year.

    The students will work as developers and product managers for Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, which powers the likes of Microsoft Azure.

    They will also receive training to be qualified to work as a software engineer for a large organisation, or for a software company.

    “We have to be the best at what we do, that’s the core of our degree, and we’ve got to be really good at it,” Ms Goulburn said.

    The WA software engineer said she had already started working as a developer for Microsoft.

    “At Microsoft I would be able, because I have the experience and the knowledge, I can work on some of the stuff that I would love to be doing,” she added.

    “So I’m looking forward to going into the Microsoft team and really being able to really contribute to the platform and have the opportunity to work with other developers.”

    The program was launched in 1997 by Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

    He said at the time that the program was an investment in students and their future careers.

    “It is an investment to ensure that the future of computing and information technology is the best possible for our students,” he said.

    But, he said the industry needed to change, with the growing cost of computing, software and other digital products.

    “Technology is going to be with us for a very long time,” he told ABC News.

    “But we are going to have to change and make it a world where we are not so dependent on technology for things that are very important.”

    Ms Goulburg said she did not expect to be working in the IT industry for much longer.

    “Microsoft is my favourite company to work for and I really love Microsoft and I’ve been working with them for so long,” she explained.

    “They are very very good people and very passionate about what they do.”

    What I would like to do, and what I think many people would like, is to move into a technology sector and I think it would be a good fit for me.



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