The UK government will soon begin talks with the EU on the terms of a Brexit deal.

    But the EU’s position has changed, and it will be a long, hard slog for the UK to make progress on a trade deal.

    We’ve got to start the talks now, because the British public are asking us to,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.”

    There is no point delaying.

    We have to start with the hard stuff.

    We’ve got a long time to go.

    “Johnson said he expected the negotiations to take “years”, but he warned the UK’s economic recovery would depend on the EU agreeing to changes to the deal.”

    I believe that we can win the fight on the basis of the EU,” Johnson said on Thursday.”

    That is a fact.

    It is not something that has to be negotiated on the back of a few carrots and sticks.”UK ministers will hold talks with their EU counterparts in Brussels on Monday.

    The UK and the EU have long complained that the deal must be a good one, with a trade agreement between the two sides set to be signed in 2019.

    But this year’s talks have been overshadowed by the row over the UK government’s decision to end the “Brexit clock” that was set to run out in March 2019.”

    The clock is running out.

    The clock is now ticking,” Johnson told the BBC.”

    We can’t let that happen.

    We are not going to give up on Britain and Britain’s future.

    “Johnson has faced criticism for announcing a Brexit timetable that he had not consulted with the European Parliament or the European Council, and which did not include a plan for how to transition from the EU.

    He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Thursday that he would not be pushing the UK out of the single market and customs union if the talks fail.”

    If I have to go to the European Commission or the Commission to ask for changes, then I have done the right thing.

    I have given a commitment to do that.

    I think it is the right one,” he said.EU leaders are due to discuss the EU trade agreement, known as the Customs Union, at a summit on Saturday.EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht said the talks could take “many years” to complete.”

    All of the issues are important for us, but also for the British government, because we need to start discussions about the future of the UK-EU relationship, and we need them to start now,” he told the German television broadcaster ARD.

    The European Commission is due to present a draft agreement on Thursday, and EU trade chief Cecilia Malmstrom has said it will give the UK “a good deal of certainty and certainty of what it will receive”.”

    I think it’s an important agreement for the EU to make,” she said.

    The UK has already started the formal process of leaving the European Union, but its departure would be irreversible if a new agreement cannot be reached.

    A report by the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry said Brexit could “destroy the UK economy” and that there would be “serious and significant consequences” for the economy.”

    Businesses in the UK will lose access to our biggest export market and our largest export market could be significantly affected.

    It would be bad for the economic recovery,” it said.


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