source Google Tech (US) title 4 ways to create an awesome mobile app with Google’s hellcat robot article source TechCrunch (US)/Google News (US), via Engadget (Canada): 5.

    Create a game that looks like a hellcat on wheels.

    A game that feels like hellcat.

    A really cool hellcat game.

    A hellcat that does not look like hellcats.

    Hellcats are an easy game to make, because they’re just like hell.

    If you can get it right, it looks like hell on wheels, but hellcats are also fun to design.

    If that’s not your cup of tea, you can also design something else.

    For example, the hellcat is fun because you can make a game about it, or a game where the hell cat plays with you.


    Use hellcat’s incredible mobility to bring the user into your app.

    Hellcat can move from corner to corner.

    It can run on rails.

    It has legs that let it walk.

    Hell cats can run around the corner.

    If it looks something like a Hellcat, you have to do something right.


    Build an awesome app.

    Make it hellcat-like.

    Make hellcat sound like hell, or use hellcat as a title for your app, or put hellcat into your video.

    If your app doesn’t have a HellCat, make it so it’s like a cat, too.


    Add a hell-like element.

    Add the word hell, and a little bit of a hell, to the name.

    That means hellcat, hell-cat, or hell-dog.


    Add an interesting mechanic.

    Add some kind of challenge to the hell, like being forced to go into a hellhole.

    Or if you want to create a really cool, scary, and fun hellcat effect, add a lot of color to the game, like red, green, blue, purple, or even some hell-ish stuff.


    Use the hell to create the ultimate, crazy, fun experience.

    If hellcat has to run through a wall, you could make a Hell-themed game where it jumps on the wall and jumps out.

    Hell is like a great way to make a video game where you have some fun, and then it jumps into the abyss and goes into hell.


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