Now that aorus is back on TV screens, there are some exciting things to do in London, from visiting the Thames and the river Thames to riding a scooter. 

    A few of the best activities to do while you’re in the capital include:  London is a city where it’s never too late to get out and about.

    Get your passport ready and check out our guide to London passport tips for all of our cities to visit.

    You’ll need a passport from your country to travel to the UK and a valid ID, so you can get on a train and get to a destination.

    There are plenty of activities around London to enjoy while you wait to see the season premiere of a new show.

    Check out our full guide to the best things to see and do around London for more ideas.

    London’s new season of aria starts on August 14 and you can catch the latest episode online, but you can also watch it on a variety of platforms.

    You can also find a streaming service to watch episodes online, or download a DVD of the season for your mobile device.

    Check out our aria guides to all the activities you can do around the capital, from London’s best to the cheapest to some great things to eat and drink.


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