A computer engineer who works in the UK has been crowned ‘Sony’ in a Google’s ‘Engineering Internship’ contest.

    The engineering degree is a job that requires the use of a computer in a number of tasks.

    The winning entry was posted on Google.com in September.

    The winner of the contest, called ‘Sonics’ is a 16-year-old student from South Yorkshire, who is a student at a local university and is studying Computer Science.

    The student had the best entry, receiving an internship in March.

    He said he would apply to the next Google-sponsored internship, which he hopes to take next year.

    He has been offered a position at a high-tech firm and is currently working on his masters degree.

    “I am not sure about going into engineering for university as I am studying at a university, but I will consider it.

    I have always been interested in technology and I would like to apply for a job as a computer engineer at a firm,” he said.

    Sonic is also working on getting his degree certificate and will work towards completing it.

    He has started his internship through Google’s UK internship program and hopes to apply to more companies in the future.

    “I want to be the first person in the world to be in the Google’s Engineering Internship,” he added.


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