Engine builder Hillephant, a Delhi-based startup, has launched an engine with the cargo hauling capability of a cargo van.

    Engine builder and engineer Hillephand Haghia, CEO of the company, said that the engine, a 4-cylinder engine, can power a vehicle with a payload of over 200 kgs.

    It is powered by an 8-speed auto gearbox and has a maximum output of 300 hp.

    The hauler can carry over 100 kgs of cargo per trip.

    The engine can also carry over 20,000 kgs in a single trip.

    HillePhand Hahia said the company has built the engine using an innovative design.

    He said that it can be made with a lot of materials and technology.

    Engine can be used for cargo hauls from anywhere in the world and can be manufactured in just two years.

    Hachia said that he is looking for engineers from the private sector and commercial companies who are interested in building the engine.

    He added that the hauler is capable of transporting over 500,000 kilograms.

    The company will be working with several commercial and private companies in India, he said.

    Haghya said the hauling capacity is not limited to just cargo haulers.

    He also said that other cargo haules can be built using the same technology.


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