Google has hired a software engineer to work in its search engine engineering team, the tech giant said Tuesday. 

    The hire comes as search engine giant Google, in an attempt to expand its workforce, hires more than 30,000 people in its new search engine software division.

    The hiring comes as Google has struggled with a slow-growing workforce that has struggled to keep pace with new technologies, such as the search engine for mobile apps, according to Recode.

    The hiring of the software engineer comes as the tech company seeks to hire more people in the search software division, which includes the search engines for mobile applications.

    Google recently announced that it will hire more than a million new employees across its search division this year.

    The search giant also announced it is adding a second, more specialized division to the search business.

    That new division will help the search giant hire engineers to help develop its new Android, Google’s mobile operating system.

    Google has been working on its next version of its mobile operating software, Android Oreo.


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