Tesla has launched a search engine for all things car, and the company says it has already been used to track down a car that’s been stolen.

    The new Lexus AI-powered car search platform will be used by Tesla owners to find their stolen car, as well as to track its whereabouts and help other car owners in the meantime.

    Tesla’s first-generation Tesla S, launched in 2011, has been a popular vehicle for its high-tech features, including an electric motor, all-wheel drive and semi-autonomous driving.

    The Lexus system is part of a partnership with Audi to offer Audi-style car search.

    The new system will also help Audi owners find their lost car in the United States and other countries, as part of Audi’s new autonomous car partnership.

    In addition to helping owners find lost cars, Lexus will be able to provide a range of data on lost cars to owners, including their exact location, license plate number, and model number.

    Lexus CEO and Co-founder Carlos Ghosn told The Wall Street Journal that his company has been using the Lexus platform for more than a year to help find lost car owners.

    He said the company is also working on a mobile app that will allow users to track lost cars.

    “The idea of [the system] being used by owners to help people find their cars is something we’re working on,” he said.

    “We’re looking forward to a big step forward with this product.”

    For those who are not already owners of a Lexus, the new Lexis system will help to find lost and stolen cars on the Tesla platform.

    Currently, the Tesla system is limited to owners of Tesla cars that are sold in the US.

    But it’s expected that the new system, which is being launched by Audi, will be available in other markets in the future.

    “Lexus has an impressive track record of success in the field of search engines,” Audi said in a statement.

    “With the launch of Lexus Search, our partners in the industry will have the option to combine their expertise and experience to provide their users with a more seamless experience with our technology.”


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