A tecumseeh engine engineer at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture was paid a $90,000 salary to join the Smithsonian Institution in 2017, according to an online profile.

    The profile, posted on the museum’s online job board, listed the tecumsohl engine engineer as being in her 30s.

    The post said that in her role, she would supervise the development of engines, lubricants, pumps and valves.

    Tecumsoh, which translates to “little black engine,” is a term for the small black cylinders found in African-American engines.

    The Smithsonian’s job board is a job board for employees who have been hired by the institution, as well as other nonprofit and private institutions.

    Tecmo, a tecumserh, is a word that refers to an engine that is built by hand and requires a skilled hand.

    A tecmo engine is an engine designed by hand, using a small amount of parts and skilled work.

    A tecum seh engine is one of the most powerful, efficient and reliable of its kind in the world.

    It has a range of thousands of horsepower and can propel a large car for thousands of miles on a single tank of gas.

    Te cmo engines can be found in luxury cars, pickup trucks and even cars in the US military.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that in 2016, the average American vehicle ran about 10,000 miles on gasoline alone.


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