The Navy’s Marine Corps announced today that its Navy Capabilities Test Center, which is dedicated to developing new weapons systems, is no longer able to run the Navy’s Mk18 naval air-to-surface missile.

    The reason for the closure is not yet clear.

    According to a Navy press release, the Mk18 is a “small and lightweight” version of the Mk17 Sea Dart missile, which was originally developed in the 1950s to be an airborne anti-ship missile.

    The Mk18’s performance has been compared to that of the Boeing 757’s MQ-8B Raider.

    The Mk18 also can fire the Navy Sea Sparrow missile, a radar-guided weapon that the Navy has used on the carrier USS Nimitz.

    The Navy has also been developing a Sea Sparrow version of its Mk18.

    But that is not a naval version of a Sea Dragon, as it is a missile that can only be fired from a submarine.

    The Pentagon has not announced a schedule for when the Mk 18 will be ready to launch.

    The Navy’s announcement also said that the Mk-18 program is “currently under active study” by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL).

    It is not clear what is currently under study.

    The Naval Research Lab has also recently conducted an extensive program to develop a Sea Warrior variant of the MK18 that will use the same design.

    That program is still under way.


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