The new Raspberry pi 3 model 3 is finally here.

    But you can still get your hands on a Raspberry Pi 2 with the same specs. 

    Here are all the specs for the Pi 3. 

    The Pi 3 has an ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, a 3GB RAM, a 512MB hard drive, HDMI output, Bluetooth 4.0, an SD card slot, a microSD card slot and a USB 2.0 port.

    The Raspberry Pi Pi 2 has an octa-core ARM Cortex A5 CPU, 3GB of RAM, 8GB of storage and a 512GB hard drive. 

    Raspberry Pi 3: 4GB RAM 4G LTE Wi-Fi 802.11n Bluetooth 4.1 MicroSD slot 1 USB 3.0 3.5mm audio jack HDMI output USB 2.1 port HDCP 2.2 protection USB 3.1 type A USB-C port USB Type-C 1.1 connector microSD card reader HD Camera microUSB port LED backlight WiFi b/g/n USB WiFi HD Audio 2.4GHz Wi-Fi USB audio jack Power button 3-button micro HDMI 1x HDMI port 1.2W headphone jack USB Type C port 802.11ac WiFi WiFI Blu-Fi radio Bluestack 2x USB 3 USB Type-A ports micro SD card reader WiFi radio (optional) WiPi support SD card encryption USB Audio jack SD Card reader WiIOS version 1.6.1  WiFis: 802., Bluetooth, 802.15.4, Bluetooth Low Energy, USB-C, Bluetooth GPS 1Ghz/2Ghz: WiMAX 2G: 2MP 5MP 4MP 2GP/2GP: 5Mp 3MP WiMax: 3GP/3MP  3G:  2GB WiX: 1,000Mbps 1Mbps WiGig: 200Mbps  4K: 30fps WiLTE: 300Mbps Wi-Fiber: 60Mbps 2-Way: 1080p WiDi: 100Mbps Dual-band 802.12ac 1GHz 2GHz WiTricity: 1000Mbps 802Gig 2.4Ghz WiWave: 400Mbps 3Mbps Bluetek 802K: 1Gbps Bluemix: 40Mbps NFC: 10G 802XG: 1Gbps  802NDB: 20Gbps Wireless charging WiPower: 50Mbps 5V: 24V USB port 2-in-1: HD camera micro USB port WiKey: micro SIM card reader


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