Drone operators have long been concerned about drones being used as weapons, but the recent release of the Predator drone by the U.S. military has made the issue even more urgent.

    In its latest quarterly report, the Defense Department highlighted that the Predator was used in “the attack on the USS Cole in 2000, a naval strike against the USS Liberty in 2004, and an attack on an Iranian military vessel in 2009.”

    The drones used in those attacks are not remotely piloted, so it is difficult to know exactly how many were used in the attacks, and how many innocent civilians were killed.

    Drone operators and defense contractors have argued that these drones have no weapons capabilities, but they don’t have a whole lot of data on how they work.

    In the report, Darpa said that drones have not been used in a “strike on a U. S. Navy or Air Force vessel” since 2011, a year after the Cole attack.

    The Defense Department has said that the drone attacks have no military purpose, but many drone operators are worried that they could be used in attacks on innocent civilians.

    Darpas own drone, known as the Predator, has been used by the Pentagon to kill people in Afghanistan and Yemen.

    The drone is equipped with sensors that track the location of people, such as their heads, and can fire a Hellfire missile that kills an individual within an area that has been scanned.

    According to the report from Darpases chief of the weapons and technology branch, Lt.

    Gen. Stephen J. Miller, “the Predator has a range of 200 kilometers.”

    Miller said that if the drone’s sensors can track people as they are moving, the drone can also be used to track people moving through urban areas, or to track a suspect moving through a crowd.

    “The Predator has proven itself to be a versatile weapon,” Miller said in a statement.

    “In some cases, it has been employed as an intelligence gathering platform for conducting counterterrorism operations.”

    Miller added that the Defense Secretary has “made a commitment to continue using Predator drones to kill the enemy.”

    The report noted that the U


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