Microsoft is adding another engineering hire to its automation team, the company announced on Monday, adding the engineer to a previously announced group of 10 engineers with expertise in software development, and one engineer to an existing engineering group.

    The hiring of these engineers is part of a wider plan to create “a more integrated team of engineers and software developers that can work across Microsoft’s various business functions.”

    The hiring of the engineering group includes the engineering team at Microsoft Research, which is responsible for Microsoft’s cloud-based data center infrastructure and Microsoft’s infrastructure for the Office 365 cloud and Azure.

    The other engineers will work in the Office, cloud- and cloud-side teams.

    The engineering team will be led by an engineering manager, and will be part of Microsoft’s research and development team, according to the company.

    Microsoft’s hiring of engineers has been in the works for a while.

    The company recently announced a hiring freeze, with a full-time job offer coming to all employees on March 31, according a blog post from the company on March 6.

    The freeze comes after Microsoft announced a large-scale hiring freeze in May of this year, the first such move in more than a decade.

    The hiring freeze came just weeks after Microsoft said it was considering expanding its workforce in the areas of data center, cloud, and mobile computing to help it tackle some of the toughest problems in the cloud.

    Microsoft also said in April that it was moving to a “flexible” hiring model that would allow employees to apply for jobs across multiple industries, including technology and engineering.


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