Social engineering is a term used to describe the manipulation of information to create false, harmful, or otherwise untrustworthy information that is circulated or shared to create a false impression of a person, group, or institution.

    Social engineering involves manipulating the perception of someone, group or institution by using deception, threats, or coercion to gain an unfair advantage.

    It can be used by criminals to manipulate the perception or behavior of others.

    For example, a criminal could use social engineering to trick a victim into giving him or her money to use in a scam.

    In an attempt to influence an opinion, a malicious actor could try to get a victim to change their mind or to share information that they do not want to be associated with.

    In a social engineering scenario, the person or group who is being influenced does not have to be aware of the fraud and the fraudulent nature of the plan.

    A social engineer may be someone who manipulates someone or group to create an impression or belief that is false or false.

    A social engineer also may be a person who is used to manipulating others, such as in a job interview or on dating sites.


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