Engineering company Fourstroke Engine Company has hired two people to help build a small 4 stroke underwater engine to power underwater vehicles.

    Fourstrokes engineer Adam Ziegler and two engineers have been assigned to the project.

    The company is also working on developing a system to use the power of the engine to steer a boat.

    “We have two engineers working on the project with the intention of building an underwater powered engine and are hoping to have a prototype ready by the end of the year,” Fourstrokes president and CEO Jim Hoehn said in a statement.

    Fourstroke plans to develop the technology in partnership with NASA, which is developing the technology to power a spacecraft.

    Fourstroke Engine’s engineers were originally hired to design a new 4 stroke powertrain for the Navy’s Aquila aircraft, which uses a modified 4-stroke engine.

    The aircraft can dive for about 25 meters, while the new 4-strokes powertrain can reach depths of more than 1,000 meters.

    Fourstroke’s previous effort to build a 4 stroke powered submarine was shelved because of technical issues with the engine.


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