By Steve Evans, Engineering News (US) title Inside the secrets of the air-compressor coolant in an engine’s compressor section article By Chris Lacey, Engineering Digest (UK and Ireland) title 5 reasons why air-coolant coolants can make your car run hotter article By David A. S. Loomis, The Wall Street Journal (US and Canada) title Air Coolant Coolant Is the Key to Cooling Your Engine article By Richard B. Buss, Ars Technica (US, UK, Canada) article


    How much does a mechanic earn in the US?

    The average mechanic earns $45,000 per year in the United States.This figure includes wages, bonuses, commissions, tips, and overtime.A mechanical engineer earns an average of $62,000 annually.Mechanic salary in the U.S. The average hourly wage for a mechanic is $38.32.The median hourly wage is $29.75.Average…