A student of car engine engineering can start learning how to drive an electric vehicle within weeks of graduation.

    And with that, a new online degree program can be yours.

    A year ago, an undergraduate from Ohio State University, Ryan D. Murphy, decided to take the plunge.

    Murphy, who was a student of electrical engineering and computer science, was interested in studying the electric vehicle technology behind the Chevrolet Volt.

    His engineering background gave him a solid grounding in electric vehicles, but he had never built a car himself.

    He wanted to learn how to make a car, but wasn’t confident enough in his own skills to pursue a degree in automotive engineering.

    That changed when Murphy attended the American Society of Automotive Engineers’ Annual Meeting in April, where he learned that the company that makes the Volt had a program for electric vehicle students.

    “I didn’t want to be a college student anymore,” Murphy told HuffPost.

    “I just wanted to be able to take an electric car and go to school.”

    The program, called the Electric Vehicle Engineering School, was founded in 2017 and offers a two-year online degree that covers a variety of subjects such as engineering and physics, among others.

    Students learn from experienced instructors, from top-notch instructors who are passionate about learning and sharing knowledge.

    Murphy attended a workshop in April where he got to meet some of the instructors and learn more about the program.

    Murphy was especially impressed with the way the instructors interacted with students, the way they talked about the project and the program itself.

    “They’re all really excited about the work they’re doing and the technology they’re building,” Murphy said.

    “It’s not just electric cars or cars, but also a lot of other things.”

    As a graduate student, Murphy can take his own car to work.

    “It’s really a no-brainer,” he said.

    Murcy’s journey with the Electric VEES program began in December, when he attended a three-day workshop that he was excited to attend.

    During that workshop, he learned a lot about how the technology behind electric vehicles is built and what the program does to support students.

    The goal of the program is to help students build their skills as engineers and to learn about the future of electric vehicles.

    The first class of the Electric Vehicles Engineering School class will begin on January 18, 2019.

    The first class will cover electrical engineering, and Murphy said that he plans to enroll in the first class and then the second and third classes.

    He said he hopes to have his degree in hand by June, 2019, which is about three months from now.

    “My goal is to get it by the end of July,” Murphy added.

    “But I know there’s going to be so much learning to do, I just want to get that done.”

    Murphy said that if he can take on the first and second classes of the class, he plans on taking two more classes during his final semester of school.

    The program has a limited number of spots available for the classes, but Murphy said he plans only to take one class in each of the three courses, and he wants to work towards a total of two courses in the program and a graduate degree.

    “You don’t really know how much time you’re going to get to do it,” Murphy explained.

    “There’s a lot you don’t know.”

    The Electric Vehicle Technologies program is open to students who are currently enrolled in the Electrical Engineering Department at Ohio State, or who have taken at least one semester of electrical or computer science education at Ohio University.

    A minimum of four credits are required to be considered for the program, and the courses must be taken within the same academic year as Murphy’s classes.

    “There’s still a lot to learn, and it’s not for everybody,” Murphy noted.

    “The biggest thing is you just want a solid foundation in the subject matter, and then you can really start to build a strong understanding of how these technologies are built and how they work.”

    To learn more, visit www.electricvehiclesengineering.com and visit the Electricvehicles Engineering School website.


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