DevOps Engineer salaries in United States can be a little expensive.

    DevOps Engineers typically work on a project for six months, and usually take home about $100,000 per year.

    Salary estimates for DevOps engineers are based on an average of published information from PayScale and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but these figures are subject to change.

    You can check out the salaries below for some of the highest-paid DevOps employees in the world.

    What are DevOps jobs?

    DevOps is a new field of technology that aims to help organizations improve their IT and software operations by making them more productive.

    Devops is a hybrid between traditional IT and traditional business, but with an emphasis on making IT more flexible and responsive.

    DevOs typically work in a team or group of engineers who help run software operations and build new technologies.

    The jobs require a degree in computer science, computer engineering, or other related field, or a related degree.

    The top-paid jobs in DevOps include: Senior DevOps Analyst Salary: $116,000.00 to $134,000.(This figure may be lower for some positions)


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