You know you want to search for a new pair of socks.

    But it’s a little bit easier to do it in your browser.

    Here’s how to do that with Google’s AdWords service.

    The guide below is designed to help you get started with AdWords.

    If you don’t have Google AdWords, we’ll help you with it.

    The first step is to find the perfect search terms to target.

    You want to go through your existing keywords and find the right keywords to get you started.

    The second step is determining which keywords to target for the ads you want.

    There are a lot of keywords out there and it can be difficult to find just the right ones to reach your target.

    Here are some suggestions.


    A keyword that includes the word “sale” is great.

    You can also use a keyword that has the word or phrase “Sale.”


    A term that includes “boutique” is also good.


    A phrase that includes or has the phrase “specialty items” is a good keyword.


    A sentence that includes a question mark, “?” or “?” is a very good keyword to target ads to. 5.

    A word that includes two or more letters (eg.

    “SALE” is an ideal word for an ad to run with.) is good.


    The word “special” is good too.

    You should also make sure to include a “*” after the word you want, so that people who search for “sale shoes” will see the sale shoe keywords.

    Here is how you do that: 1.

    Type in the keyword that you want and hit enter.


    The ads will come up on the search results page with a pop-up box.

    Click on the ad to see its details. 3


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