GE/NTXP announced a partnership with the world’s leading engine maker to develop an electric propulsion system for its electric vehicles.

    GE’s General Electric has developed a high-performance electric propulsion drive system using its own GE LS4 engine for both electric and hybrid vehicles.

    The company says its new engine will be the most advanced in the world, and will be able to achieve electric vehicle efficiency of 30% or more.

    The engine has been developed at GE Advanced Technology Group (GEATG) and has been in development for over 20 years.

    GeekWire reported that GE’s new electric drive will be built at the General Electric Advanced Technology Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

    The engine has a range of about 200 kilometers (124 miles), according to GE.

    The GE LS 4 is an extremely efficient, long-lasting and robust engine with a long lifetime, according to the company.

    GEATP plans to build the engine at GEATG in Gaathersburg, and it is expected to start producing electric vehicles by 2021.

    As part of its partnership with GE, GEATP will develop the engine and a series of components for electric vehicles that will be available for commercial customers in 2021, according a company statement.

    While the engine will power a number of GE’s electric vehicles, the GE LS engine will only power one electric vehicle, the company said.

    GE said it is still working to figure out how the electric drive engine will work and how it will integrate with other electric vehicle systems.

    We expect that by the time we are able to begin manufacturing the electric propulsion engine, we will be well on our way to achieving that goal, GE said in a statement.GE is working with the General Motors Corporation to develop a new high-speed electric propulsion propulsion system, the GM Powertrain Group (GMPG) said in the statement.GM has a $1.5 billion order for GEATL and the General Dynamics Advanced Technology and Engineering Center (GDATEC) to build GE/NVX’s electric propulsion vehicle.

    Tesla, a rival to GE, has been looking to produce electric vehicles using its proprietary electric drive technology.

    Tesla is expected by early 2019 to have produced its first fully electric car.

    This is the second time that GE has partnered with a company for its high-end engine.

    GE has built its electric drive engines at GE ATLAS since the late 1980s, and its electric propulsion technology is now being used by Tesla and other automakers.


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