Aerospace engineer and crypto currency pioneer Charlie Liu announced today that the company has filed a provisional patent application for the project.

    The application was filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and is being considered as a provisional application.

    In addition to the patent, Liu said the company will be using the patent to make space hardware and software to support the company’s commercial ventures.

    The patent covers the use of lasers, optics, and other components in a satellite for a satellite-based navigation system.

    The system would allow a satellite to track and pinpoint an orbiting object and its location.

    The company’s focus is on space exploration and commercial space exploration.

    The company has a strong background in commercial space and has an existing portfolio of spacecrafts including the Soyuz spacecraft, Soyuz TMA-17M, and the Vega spacecraft.

    The Vega spacecraft, the Vega family of spacecraft, and Soyuz-1/2 spacecraft were launched in 2017.


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