Updated April 28, 2019 12:23:31 The problem with Australian cars is that they have never had a chance to truly catch up with the rest of the world.

    The Aussie is the only country in the world to have the world’s longest history of cars and has been known to have a few problems in the past.

    Many of those problems are now being solved, with new car makers such as Toyota, Ford, Nissan and Honda all releasing new cars and even making some improvements to older models.

    The problem with cars in Australia has been a long time coming and the car industry has taken the opportunity to get its act together.

    However, it is now a year-and-a-half since the government decided to roll out the next generation of the Aussie cars and, after months of discussions, the Government has finally released the cars to the public.

    Some of the key changes the Government made in the Aussies new cars include: • New technologies are being introduced to make the car safer for both drivers and passengers.

    • A new car safety rating system will be introduced to ensure that every car sold in Australia is certified to the standard.

    “We have got some very good cars on the market now, they are not the same cars as the old cars, so we are looking to ensure they are safe,” Minister for Transport, Mick Wallace, told ABC Radio Melbourne on Friday.

    Mr Wallace said the Government had been considering whether to offer the cars in three- or four-door variants, and would consider offering the A2 model in the two-door variant.

    “I would like to see them in two-doors and maybe some variants in the future, but right now we have got a lot of great cars on our roads and we want to ensure we get the cars out to the people who need them and they are ready to drive,” he said.

    He said the government would also look at options such as a “smart driver” package, which would offer the car with a variety of safety features, such as collision avoidance, adaptive cruise control, and a range of other technologies, such a lane departure warning system, lane departure monitoring, adaptive headlights and other features.

    “We are also looking at different options, particularly with the two doors, where we want a more practical approach to safety,” Mr Wallace said.

    “We will certainly look at other options.”

    Mr Wallace also said the A1 model would not be sold in the first phase of the new cars.

    New car makers and technology companies are set to be rolled out over the next few months, with more information to come in coming weeks.

    With the A3 and A4 models already on the road, the new vehicles are set for rollout this year.

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    The latest car news from The Australian Financial Report.

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