In the UK, there are three different types of civil engineering: civil engineer, petroleum engineer and civil engineer – the first of which is paid by the hour. 

    Civil engineers work in the oil and gas industry and they work for the UK Government and the UK Railways. 

    In the past, it has been possible to earn up to £24,000 per year in civil engineering, but the latest salary increase for civil engineers is set to hit £24.25 an hour.

    This raises the prospect of civil engineers earning more than they did in the past. 

    This is because of a cut in the National Insurance for civil engineering.

    Civil engineers are no longer eligible for the National Health Insurance scheme for their dependants, but they can still get their NI contributions reimbursed for any work they do. 

    The cut to the NI scheme means that civil engineers are being forced to work overtime as their salaries are being reduced. 

    “It is going to be an extremely difficult year for civil Engineers,” said James Witherspoon, managing director of the British Civil Engineers Association. 

    Witherspoo said that while there was “no reason why they should be paid less than their colleagues”, it is likely that there will be a pay cut in 2019. 

    ‘This is an extraordinary situation’ The civil engineer profession has traditionally been in the top tier of civil and military engineering careers, with an average salary of £40,000. 

    Now, civil engineers, who are also the majority of the workforce, are in a position where they can no longer earn their national insurance contribution. 

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