Microsoft, Facebook and Google will work together on a search engine-related product to help users search for products online, according to a statement released by Microsoft on Monday.

    The search engine company is planning to build software that allows people to search for parts on the internet, said the statement from Jefferies analysts.

    It will use Google as the platform, as it has for years, but the new product will be powered by Bing search engine.

    Bing search has had a tough year, with the company seeing its search volume drop by 30 percent in the third quarter and the company said that search volume fell a further 11 percent in January.

    Microsoft’s new search engine product will “provide the platform for a suite of search and advertising products,” the statement said.

    Google has said that it plans to launch its own search engine products in 2018, although the company did not specify what products it would build on top of Bing.

    Bing Search, the search engine that currently powers Google’s search engine and its Google AdWords advertising products, is being acquired by Microsoft.

    Google is also working on a new search product, the statement continued.

    Microsoft also plans to offer its own Bing Search software as an alternative to Google’s Bing search product in 2018.

    Microsoft’s Bing Search has been used by millions of people for decades.

    It is used by businesses and government agencies.

    Microsoft announced the search-related products in its first-quarter earnings report on Monday, showing revenue of $1.9 billion and adjusted earnings per share of $0.17.

    The company said its search engine sales rose by 3 percent to $12.3 billion.

    Microsoft said that the company was “well on our way to meeting our full year outlook.”


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