The number of computer engineers with immigrant-based backgrounds working at major tech firms is rising, but it is slowing, according to new data.

    The number has been rising since the early 1990s, but has plateaued recently as employers seek to diversify their hiring.

    According to data compiled by data firm Zillow, the number of tech firms with foreign-born engineers has increased by more than 200% since 1990.

    That compares to the number with U.S.-born engineers that has increased roughly 50% since the 1990s.

    Zillows data shows that while there are fewer tech firms that have an immigrant-focused workforce, the numbers are growing fast.

    The data shows the number is up by about 80% in Silicon Valley since 2014, and is rising at about the same rate in the broader U.A.E.

    Zillow’s data indicates that since 2015, there have been more than 1,200 tech firms, many of which are in the United States, that have hired at least 1,000 engineers from immigrant backgrounds.

    But in 2017, there were just 50 tech firms.

    This year’s data also shows that the number has increased in cities such as San Francisco and San Jose.

    The data shows an increase in hiring from those two cities alone.

    The biggest increase in the number hiring was in tech hubs like New York and Boston, which have seen huge growth in tech workers in recent years.

    The number of people applying for jobs in the tech industry with immigrant backgrounds has increased even more in recent months, according the data.

    In January, there was a spike of more than 600% in the amount of people who applied for tech jobs with immigrant workers.

    This month, there has been a similar increase.

    The company Zillower said in its data that it found that these new tech jobs have been offered to about 6.3 million people.

    This includes more than 4.5 million immigrants.

    However, Zillowing also found that the hiring of immigrant-related workers is slowing.

    This data shows hiring is up at tech firms across the country, but is slowing in cities.

    According a ZillOW analysis, a tech company with an immigrant workforce will require a workforce of 1,150 to 2,500 people with the immigrant-born person working for the company, versus a U.K.-based firm requiring 2,000 to 3,000 people.

    The average size of the tech firm hiring these workers is smaller.

    The hiring of an immigrant with no experience will require about 700 people.

    The hiring of the immigrant with experience will increase to about 1,500 from 700.

    Zellow found that this increase in immigrant-facing employees will help the tech companies’ bottom line by at least $2 billion.

    However the data shows tech companies have struggled to hire people with more than a bachelor’s degree, because the skills that will be required are often not recognized as needed by companies.

    According to Zillowed, the most common skills for an entry-level engineer are coding and design, while the most frequent skill is communication, analytics, and finance.

    Zills data showed the number increasing from 1,100 in 2015 to 1,600 in 2017.

    The numbers are even more alarming when it comes to hiring for higher-paying positions.

    According Zillowers data, in 2017 the number was 1,700 for a senior software engineer, which is about 30% of the industry average.

    The figure for a junior software engineer was 1 and a half times higher, and the highest was 1.75 times higher.

    Zellow said that although the numbers have gone up, they still remain low compared to what companies would have expected.

    According the company’s analysis, it is not clear that employers are going out of their way to find and hire more engineers from the immigrant pool.


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