The environmental engineer is often the only one in a team with no experience or training.

    They often have no idea of how to run a complex project or how to deal with a complex problem, so they are asked to solve it.

    They can be hired for less money than a construction engineer.

    They are paid a fraction of a construction worker.

    They are often the last one in the team to be asked to take the next step on a project, often the most expensive one.

    “The Environmental Engineer’s job is your job,” the Environment Canada document says.

    “It should not be an area of expertise.”

    Environmental engineers are expected to be experts in a specific field, such as water quality, land use, or air quality.

    They also are expected, according to the document, to be highly technical, able to solve problems quickly, and with an ability to make quick decisions based on evidence and information.

    Environmental engineers have also been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that a project is environmentally sustainable.

    That requires planning, assessing the impact of projects on the environment, and planning for the environmental effects of the project.

    “You can’t be in charge of everything,” said Scott McArthur, an environment engineer who lives in Victoria.

    He has been a construction company for 23 years and said his work as an environmental engineer has been the most challenging he has ever faced.

    He said he has had to deal directly with the impacts of projects that affect him and his family, including a flood that devastated the town of St. George, Alta., in 2015.

    “In terms of the impact, it was devastating,” he said.

    “A lot of the people that I was working with were dealing with, you know, the aftermath of a major flood, and a lot of their lives were impacted.”

    McArthur said he often gets asked about his environmental experience, which is the first thing he does when he is hired.

    He is asked to present his resume and other information, and then he and his boss discuss what he will do with it.

    “I’m pretty good with the basics of what I have done,” he explained.

    “But I’m also very focused on, like, what will I do to improve the environment in this particular project?

    There’s a lot to be excited about.”


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