New York City’s skyline has been adorned with a Google logo over the years, but it was never that big a deal. 

    Until now.

    The city’s new city hall building has replaced the Google icon on the top of the new building with a giant Google logo, which Google hopes will attract more tourists and help it pay off its massive debt.

    In a city with a high number of people living in the building, the city is now asking people to sign a petition that will be sent to Google and ask them to remove the Google image.

    The petition is calling for the company to remove “any and all Google content” from its website.

    The move comes as Google continues to pay off $20 million in debt from the collapse of its previous search engine, Google, and the subsequent sale of the company.

    In addition to the $20m loan, Google also paid a $1.5 million fine to the city.

    The company has been paying off its $20.4 million in capital costs since the merger in 2011, according to its financial statements, and it has continued to pay dividends to its shareholders.

    But Google’s continued interest in its old search engine comes at a time when the search giant is facing scrutiny for the way it handles the search advertising it generates.

    The company is under scrutiny over how it handles ads on its own websites and the way that it manages its data on its network of servers.

    Google was the first internet search engine to make a move to replace the Google search logo in a building with the company’s name.

    The move was a departure from previous efforts by search engines to take over a building, and in some cases, replace it with a logo of a different company.


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