A Utah-based engine manufacturer says it has rebuilt an engine used in the Coyote commercial jet jet engine.

    The engine, a turbofan, was installed at the University of Utah’s Boeing plant in May and is undergoing a new rebuild to improve reliability, said John Baugh, the chief executive officer of Advanced Aviation Technologies, Inc. in St. George, Utah.

    Baugh said he expects the company to deliver a jet engine this fall.

    The aircraft, known as the F-35B, is scheduled to enter service in 2023.

    The company said it is in discussions with several airlines about the engine’s future.

    “The F-22 Raptor, with its unique combination of low cost and capability, has been a game changer for the industry,” Baugh said.

    “With this new engine we can build a new generation of fighter jets that are much more survivable than the F/A-18s and F/W-18 Super Hornets currently in service.”

    Baugh, who also is the chairman of the board of directors of Aerojet Rocketdyne, said he hopes to build two to three engines for the new jet, including one that will power the F35B’s engine bay.

    Boys’ aviation in crisisAl Jazeera English spoke to three former pilots who worked with the new aircraft.

    Barry Parnell, who flew for United Airlines and is now a private pilot, said the F22 Raptors are “very reliable”.

    “It’s a great aircraft.

    It’s not a bad plane, but it’s not very fast. But the F‑22 Raptora is a great fighter,” he said.

    The F22s were initially designed to replace the Boeing 757-200 and Boeing 767-300 aircraft, but the jets have also been used for surveillance and reconnaissance missions.

    “When you have a high-performance aircraft with a high payload, like the F100, and then you have an aircraft that’s basically a cheap trainer, you have to be able to fly the F105 with a very high payload,” Parnill said.

    Bain Capital analyst Brian O’Neill said the Raptor is more than just a fighter jet, but an air superiority aircraft.

    “I would say the Raptors role is to be the best air superiority fighter in the world, if not the best,” he told Al Jazeera.

    “They will be able do all the sort of missions that you would need to have the best fighter in a modern aircraft.”

    Parnell said he is concerned about the F135s replacement, the F18, because of its reliability.

    “We have the F15, the first generation of the F17, the last generation of those.

    It is very much a system that’s been designed to meet the needs of a specific mission, like ground-to-air combat or surveillance,” he explained.”

    You have to think about how you can get to a very, very high-level of sophistication, to be capable of doing that.

    It may be the F150s in the future.”

    Burt Lidstrom, a former Boeing 707 pilot, told Aljazeera that he had a lot of confidence in the F21.

    “It was the F20, the biggest airplane in the history of the industry.

    It was a machine, and it was a fighter.

    And it was designed for the job.

    And so, if I had to go back and see the F 21s in flight, I’d say it’s an absolute bargain,” he added.

    The Boeing 727, which was introduced in 1981, has since been supplanted by the Boeing 737 and 737 MAX.


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